Director General

Ms. Gazal Bharadwaj

Director General
Atal Awasiya Vidyalaya


VISION of Atal Awasiya Vidyalaya is to foster excellence in every student, shaping them into individuals imbued with a range of qualities that define the essence of being an "Atalian".



MISSION is to uplift the labor community by providing them access to a world-class education that equips them with holistic development, enabling them to integrate seamlessly into the mainstream. We are dedicated to nurturing not only academic proficiency but also qualities like leadership, empathy, critical thinking, and cultural awareness. With a commitment to creating well-rounded individuals, our goal is to transform each student into a beacon of excellence, poised to contribute effectively to society.

World Class Infrastructure

As residential schools, they offer comfortable and secure accommodations for students. The residential facilities provide a nurturing environment that promotes holistic development, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among students.

Residential Facilities

The establishment of Atal Residential Schools reflects a commitment to social justice, ensuring that no segment of society remains deprived of its fundamental right to education. Embracing inclusivity, we strive for a brighter, equitable future.

Gender Equity

Creating and maintaining a 50:50 ratio for girls and boys in these schools aligns with the principles of inclusivity, equality, and empowering all students. It sets a positive example for other educational institutions and contributes to a more equitable society.

Holistic Development

The schools prioritize the holistic development of students by offering a balanced curriculum that focuses on academic excellence, character building, physical fitness, and emotional well-being. Various co-curricular and extracurricular activities are integrated into the curriculum to cater to the diverse interests and talents of students.

Value-Based Education

These schools impart a value-based education, emphasizing ethical values, moral principles, and social responsibility. Students are encouraged to develop qualities such as integrity, empathy, respect, and compassion.

Mentorship Programme

One of the salient features of these schools is the implementation of a mentorship programme for every 10 students. This programme aims to provide individualized support, guidance, and mentorship to students throughout their academic journey.

Innovative Teaching Methods

The schools employ innovative and learner-centred teaching methodologies that promote critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and collaboration. They leverage technology and experiential learning approaches to make education engaging and relevant.

Life Skills and Personality Development

The schools focus on nurturing essential life skills such as communication, leadership, decision-making, and time management. Personality development programmes are integrated into the curriculum to enhance students' confidence, self-esteem, and interpersonal skills.

Environmental Sensitization

These schools promote environmental awareness and sustainability. They incorporate eco-friendly practices into their operations and curriculum, fostering a sense of environmental responsibility among students.

Vocational Education

The schools offer vocational education programmes that equip students with practical skills and knowledge relevant to various industries and professions. This prepares them for future career opportunities and enhances their employability.

Technology Integration

These schools embrace technology as a tool to enhance teaching and learning. They integrate technology into the curriculum, providing students with access to digital resources, online learning platforms, and interactive educational tools.

Social Engagement and Community Outreach

The schools actively engage students in community service and social outreach programs. They encourage students to contribute to society, develop empathy, and become socially conscious individuals.

Best Practices of Atal Awasiya Vidyalaya


The "Atalian" concept, where all students of Atal Awasiya Vidyalaya will be referred to as Atalians and their names will include the suffix "Atal" (First Name+Atal), is a powerful initiative to promote inclusivity and reduce caste and religion identity from the school environment.

With the introduction of the "Atalian" concept, student's names will reflect a common identity, emphasizing unity and a shared sense of purpose. This approach aligns perfectly with Atal Awasiya Vidyalaya's vision of providing an education system that transcends social and religious barriers, focusing on holistic development and the cultivation of strong character traits.

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Environmental Education

Organize regular nature walks and field trips to natural parks, wildlife sanctuaries, botanical gardens, or eco-friendly places. These activities can be scheduled once or twice a year to help students connect with nature and understand the importance of environmental conservation.


Experiential Learning Based Education

Experiential learning is a powerful educational approach that engages students in active, hands-on experiences to foster deeper understanding and skills development. Implementing experiential learning in Atal Awasiya Vidyalaya can bring numerous benefits and enhance the overall learning experience.

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Life Skills Education

Life skills education plays a crucial role in preparing students for various challenges and opportunities in life. It goes beyond traditional academic learning, focusing on practical skills and attitudes necessary for personal development and success.

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Skills Based Education

Here is a list of specific skills development courses that can be introduced in Atal Awasiya Vidyalaya in accordance with the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020), focusing on practical and vocational skills like mobile repairing, coding, and more.

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Spiritual Education

Conduct a daily morning assembly where students recite Vedic mantras, singh patriotic songs, and practice yoga to instill cultural values and discipline. Organize educational visits to historical and cultural heritage sites like temples, forts etc.


Sports & Physical Education

By integrating sports practices into the curriculum, Atal Awasiya Vidyalaya aims to nurture physically fit, mentally resilient, and socially adept individuals who can excel both on and off the field.

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Value Based Education

Conduct regular workshops and interactive sessions to promote values such as honesty, integrity, empathy, and respect among students. These workshops can be scheduled on a monthly basis or during special events.

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Vocational Education

Organize vocational training workshops where students can learn practical skills related to various trades such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, sewing, cooking, computer skills, etc. These workshops can be conducted on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the availability of resources and trainers.

Core Values of Our School


We promote collaboration and teamwork among students, staff, parents, and community members, recognizing that collective effort leads to greater success and holistic development.

Cultural Appreciation

We celebrate and appreciate diverse cultures, promoting a sense of pride in our heritage while fostering intercultural understanding, respect, and global citizenship.


We empower students to take ownership of their learning journey, nurturing their self-confidence, resilience, and ability to make informed decisions.


We believe in providing equal opportunities and ensuring fairness in access to quality education, regardless of social, economic, or cultural backgrounds.


We strive for excellence in all aspects of education, fostering a culture of high standards, continuous improvement, and a pursuit of academic and personal success.


We foster a culture of innovation, encouraging creative thinking, problem-solving, and embracing new technologies and approaches to enhance teaching, learning, and school operations.


We uphold the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and ethical behaviour in all our interactions, cultivating a culture of trust, transparency, and accountability.


We value and respect the dignity, diversity, and individuality of every student, staff member, and stakeholder, fostering an inclusive and supportive environment.

Social Responsibility

We instil in our students a strong sense of social responsibility, encouraging them to actively contribute to their communities and make a positive impact on society.


We prioritize the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of our students and staff, creating a safe and nurturing environment that supports their overall health and happiness.